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Web2 Companies Are Facing Heat for Embracing Web3


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Web2 Companies Are Facing Heat for Embracing Web3

Key Takeaways

  • Within the closing few months, several enormous Web2 companies absorb faced criticism for announcing plans to make consume of blockchain or crypto property.
  • Discord, Ubisoft, Kickstarter, and Mozilla absorb all come under fire.
  • Critics often retract venture with the perceived environmental influence of blockchain technology.

In fresh months, several predominant companies absorb prompted backlash by announcing their plans to search out Web3. In most instances, the critics complain of the purported environmental influence of Bitcoin mining, NFTs, and diversified cryptocurrencies. 

Companies Under Fire for Web3 Plans

Crypto is growing fast—and faded companies desire in. On the opposite hand, no longer everyone is delighted with that.

Because the concept of a blockchain-based decentralized Web—a realm crypto followers take a look at with as “Web3″—moves into mainstream consciousness, many so-called “Web2” companies that succeeded at some point of the 2nd piece of the Web absorb begun to search out programs to hitch the crypto bandwagon. On the opposite hand, over the closing one year, several notable Web2 companies absorb faced heat from users for making efforts to embody the technology. In some instances, simply discussing blockchain has been sufficient to incite fierce criticism. 

The loudest crypto critics of the present time often explicit disapproval over the environmental influence of the sector. The core venture pertains to Proof-of-Work mining, a transaction-validation system feeble by blockchains care for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Proof-of-Work relies on enormous computational resources; the Cambridge Centre for More than just a few Finance estimates that the Bitcoin network uses more electricity than countries care for Norway and Ukraine. While Bitcoin mining will seemingly be transferring in the direction of using renewable vitality, the environmental venture has prompted an outcry from and change into a notable barrier to adoption. Quite so a lot of companies seeking to undertake the technology absorb had their fingers forced by the topic. 

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It’s no longer absolute top the environmental venture that’s sparked debate. Some Web3 detractors liken the apartment to a Ponzi scheme, taking photos on the unstable—and in most cases extremely speculative—nature of the emergent asset class. On this characteristic, we overview among the notable most notable incidents exciting substantial companies announcing moves into crypto, absolute top to instructed an intense blowback from users.


Discord is the realm’s preferred gaming chat carrier with over 150 million monthly stuffed with life users. In November, it faced controversy when the agency’s founder and CEO Jason Citron posted a screenshot hinting that the firm used to be planning to combine Ethereum. This drag would enable users to find crypto and NFT transactions straight away by the platform. 

Loads of Discord’s neighborhood individuals were unhappy with Citron’s change and took to Twitter and Reddit to criticize the drag. The critics consistently cited claims over Ethereum’s electricity utilization and referred to NFTs as an illicit Ponzi scheme. On Discord, ’s make a stronger page, angered users posted feedback threatening to raze their paid membership plans if Discord went ahead with any plans. About a few days later, Citron capitulated to the backlash and declared that the agency would put its crypto plans on taking hold of. That wasn’t sufficient to convince the critics, who persevered to find complaints connected to NFTs. 


In December, the French game publisher Ubisoft faced fallout from followers and employees after announcing a blockchain-based product called Quartz that lets gamers put NFTs is smartly-known as “Digits.” 

“Hell no, retract this shit, throw it within the trash, and by no methodology have faith this slow of a thought but again,” a streamer posting under the pseudonym BikiniBodhi answered Ubisoft’s Dec. 7 tweet announcing the novel product. Thousands of others joined BikiniBodhi in slamming Ubisoft’s resolution to undertake gaming NFTs. Furthermore, a French alternate union publicly condemned the plans, describing blockchain as “ineffective, costly, ecologically mortifying tech.” 

Ubisoft pressed on with rolling out Quartz anyway, explaining that its actions would be vitality ambiance superior. Ubisoft has opted to venture NFTs on Tezos, a Proof-of-Stake blockchain with a magnificent smaller carbon footprint when put next with both Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

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Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit working the usual Firefox web browser, took heat when it presented that it will start accepting cryptocurrency donations in partnership with BitPay. The put-up pulled staunch criticism from Mozilla’s founding crew member Jamie Zawinski, who left the firm in 1999.  In a disparaging response to Mozilla’s crypto donation tweet, Zawinski mentioned that the conducting “ought to be witheringly ashamed of this resolution to accomplice with planet-incinerating Ponzi grifters.”

Hello, I’m obvious that whoever runs this memoir has no thought who I’m, but I based @mozilla and I’m here to speak fuck you and fuck this. Everybody mad by the conducting ought to be witheringly ashamed of this resolution to accomplice with planet-incinerating Ponzi grifters.

— j͕̠̦̪͕̓͛̊̾̄ͅw̧̧̳̪̘͊̋͗̾͢͠z̢̘̞͈̺̞̩̓̽̐̋͗̆̋̚͟͜ (@jwz) January 3, 2022

The backlash in opposition to Mozilla grew as hundreds of social media commentators lambasted Mozilla’s initiative to find crypto donations, claiming that the agency used to be contributing to the native climate crisis. They complained that embracing crypto used to be inconsistent with its native climate commitments and requested the crew to raze its plans. Under the tension, Mozilla regarded as if it will again off and posted a response that it used to be “reviewing if and the diagram our most contemporary policy on crypto donations suits with [its] native climate dreams.” It’s taken a cease on crypto donations. 


The usual crowdfunding platform Kickstarter angered rather a few of its users when it presented that it will manufacture on Celo, a cell-centric Layer 1 blockchain.  neighborhood for deciding on to fabricate on Celo, a cell-centric public blockchain. The Kickstarter crew mentioned that it wished to fabricate a decentralized funding mannequin on Celo. 

The crew mentioned a blockchain protocol would retract away from the need for relying on intermediaries as folks lift funds. Users pushed aid by claiming that the change used to be unfavorable to the ambiance. In response, Kickstarter went aid on its plans. “We gained’t to find changes to Kickstarter without you,” an announcement learn. 

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The Future for Companies Embracing Web3

Web3 imagines a notable shift away from centralized web capabilities to more trustless and permissionless objects. By using token-pushed incentives, Web3 capabilities can decentralize their systems and find open-offer protocols that are accessible to everyone. On the opposite hand, many Web2 users dwell unconvinced about the advantages of Web3, warning of the environmental influence of blockchain technology.  

While environmental considerations surrounding Proof-of-Work blockchains are proper, critics in most cases fail to acknowledge that Proof-of-Stake blockchains are some distance more vitality ambiance superior. Ethereum is for the time being the most feeble blockchain and the house of the NFT apartment, but it level-headed uses a Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism. The network will quickly merge to Proof-of-Stake, which is estimated to find it 99.9% more vitality ambiance superior. How the drag will seemingly be obtained by crypto critics remains to be viewed. 

While crypto is but to create factual mass adoption, it has many skeptics. This poses a venture for faded companies seeking to embody the technology and onboard novel users. On the opposite hand, blockchain isn’t the first technology that used to be perceived as worthless when it first emerged. Many wondered the worth of the Web when it first gained traction within the 90s, and at the present time companies count on websites and social media channels to purpose. If crypto achieves what it’s miles taking off to realize, the equal companies will quickly have to embody blockchain and Web3 too.

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